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  • Electrical Vault, Manhole, or Pull Box


    Whether you’re looking for a pull box, hand hole, or a traffic light control box pedestal, we’ve got you covered.

    With multiple racking choices, access options, and conduit penetration configurations, we probably have what you’re looking for, and if not, we can help design a structure to fit your exact need.

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    • Pull Box/Handhole Specification Sheet
    • 2’x2’x2’ Electrical Pull Box
    • 2’x2’x3’ Electrical Pull Box
    • 2'x3'x2' Electrical Pull Box
    • 2’x3’x3’ Electrical Pull Box
    • 3’x3’x3’ Electrical Pull Box
    • 3'x3'x4' Electrical Pull Box
    • 4’x4’x4’ Electrical Pull Box
    • 5’x5’x5’ Electrical Manhole
    • 6'x6'x6' Electrical Manhole
    • 3’x5’x3’ Electrical Splice Box
    • 4'x8'x4' Electrical Splice Box
    • Precast Concrete Utility Trench
    • Precast Concrete Type 1 Ground Box
    • Precast Concrete Type 2 Ground Box

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  • Communication Vault, Manhole, or Pullbox


    With years of experience outfitting the major local communication networks, we have developed communication manholes designed specifically to make installation as painless as possible.

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    • Pull Box Specification Sheet
    • 40" Dia. Fiber Optic Handhole
    • 4'x8'x6' Slotted Communication Manhole
    • 6'x12'x7' Communication Manhole
    • Precast Equipment Pad

    Click Here to Download Drawings.

  • Precast Concrete Vault


    From precast manholes to trench solutions, we have products designed to protect your power installations and allow for clean and safe maintenance in the future.

    Locke Solutions is an approved manufacturer for CenterPoint Energy power manholes.

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    • Precast Concrete Utility Trench
    • CenterPoint 5'x8' Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Small 2-Way Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Small 3-Way Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Small 4-Way Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Large 2-Way Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Large 3-Way Precast Manhole
    • CenterPoint Large 4-Way Precast Manhole

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  • Water Catch basin


    From a low profile box culvert under your local grocery store to environmentally sensitive storm water catch basins in a coastal refinery, we have products and design capabilities to provide you with a solution to your unique water situations.

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    • Precast Drainage Box

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  • Industrial pre-cast concrete


    Whether dealing with maintenance at a petrochemical facility or expanding access to a port, we realize time is money and the more pre-manufactured items the faster the project can be completed. We can design foundation solutions to intricate valve boxes to massive sump structures all to help reduce the amount of “cast-in-place” time subject to variable weather conditions.

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    • 7'x7' Precast Concrete Spread Footer

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  • Custom pre-cast concrete ground box


    We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions for our clients. When your situation appears too complex or time constrained in the field, give us a call and see how we can help.

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    • Custom Sized Precast Vault

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See what people are doing with Locke Solutions products


Here are a few documents we felt would be useful to you. If you have additional things you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

Locke Solutions was created by a group of experienced individuals who felt it was time to raise the bar for what the terms “quality” and “customer service” mean in the construction industry today.

Here at Locke Solutions, the team employs the latest technologies to create quality designs and manufacturing techniques coupled with getting back to the basics of providing world class service to our clients.

Our Core Values

After spending a decade in the industry handling everything from structural precast designs to quality assurance development to production management to sales management to operations management, Asher continues to follow his passion for creating valuable construction SOLUTIONS for his clients.

His work ethic and ability to put his client’s needs ahead of everything else has helped Michael earn the reputation he has today after more than 15 years in the industry. Michael’s commitment and support to the industry are simply a byproduct of his desire for the success of his clients.

Hector’s extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of custom precast products has helped cultivate his ability to think outside the box and create unique custom SOLUTIONS for his clients. Focused more in the industrial markets over the past decade, Hector enjoys developing new precast SOLUTIONS for applications that are historically reserved for “cast-in-place” only consideration.

Andy Gemmill Sales / Product Specialist

Andy has over thirteen years of experience in the Precast and Enclosures Industry doing everything from batching concrete, tying rebar, and loading trucks.  He pairs his extensive knowledge of transportation logistics with years of experience working in inside sales, outside sales, and account management for some of the nation's largest construction outfits.  Andy doesn't just talk about putting the customer first...he shows it with his actions!

Gilberto brings his many years of experience in managing the day to day activities in and around the facility.  

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