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Architecture Patcher/ Finisher

Our company’s success has come from hard work and effort put in by our team.  Although this job role has a different title and different measurements of successful results, it is just as essential as any other role in maintaining a level of customer service far and away better than the industry standard.  You and the team will ultimately be the determining factor in how successful our company can be.


  • Complete Daily Schedules and turn in every day
  • Ensures housekeeping as a priority and completes daily
  • Conducts proper safety procedures
  • Commit to and meet scheduled attendance and shipping deadlines
  • Eliminate WASTE such as waiting, rework, transporting, and time
  • Ensure weekly work output exceeds loaded labor rate x hours worked

Successful Results for the Architecture Patcher/ Finisher:

  • Housekeeping as a priority being completed daily.
  • Communicates all issues to management
  • Look for opportunities for improvement in all tasks, means and methods regarding the work and be willing to learn from others and continually seek opportunities to share knowledge and teach others
  • Produces high quality work, safely and productively at all times

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure proper safety procedures are performed
  • Ensure safety trainings are attended
  • Work up to a 12-hour shift doing hard physical work in varying temperatures and outside conditions
  • Performs precast patching procedures in accordance with specifications
  • Must be able to read and understand drawings, specifications, safety and quality standards and effectively utilize all trade tools and equipment relevant to the work
  • Travel to job site for product repairs as needed
  • Cleaning of product, pressure washing etc.
  • Repair damaged products per repair procedures
  • Patching of Color blend products
  • Will lift, push or pull objects up to 50lbs on an occasional basis
  • Ability to wear PPE is required
  • Will climb on product, stairs, ladders, forms and trailer decks
  • May stoop, kneel or bend on an occasional basis
  • Explain deficiencies and take any necessary corrective action
  • Weigh the correct proportions of materials needed in the patch mix
  • Proficient in the use of the following tools and has the knowledge to use the equipment at the proper time of use: floats, trowels, edgers, drills, jack hammers, pressure washer, grinders, hammer, tape measure, saws, chipping hammers
  • Chip, scrape, and grind high spots, ridges, and rough projection to finish concrete using power tools or hand tools

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