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Locke Solutions is a prefab concrete manufacturing plant that strives to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team. Our team is service focused, continuously making self-improvements, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and all about making things happen for the team. This is a potential growth position for the right driven person.


  • Prepare quote estimates +/-1% of the final cost by the requested date.
  • Develop a qualified projects guides
  • Fosters relationships with key vendors, customers, and subcontractors.
  • Quote Estimating TAT < 2 days
  • Follow up with quotes by the reminder date > 85%

Successful Results for the Estimator:

  • Efficiently performs potential project take-offs by using construction drawings, specifications and project-related documents
  • Effectively presents prepared estimates to be used by Sales Representatives or Customers in the appropriate time frame with minimal supervision.
  • Ensure estimating team is spending efficient time on qualified projects

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing requirement documents, blueprints, and project plans to gain a thorough understanding of the
  • Creating labor estimates, and material cost estimates for any project w/ excel spreadsheet or Titan
  • Determining what factors of production will influence the cost of products.
  • Managing quotes from suppliers and vendors
  • Presenting prepared estimates to customers or sales team
  • Look for new qualified bid opportunities with Bid Services.
  • Gather Plan Holder list
  • Gather pre-bid documents needed attaining to project, certificate letters, etc.
  • Research materials and determine risk analysis for projects.
  • Vendor pricing in Titan
  • Build relationships with key vendors (subcontractors, suppliers, engineers etc.)
  • Provide Consultation on planning (schedules, manpower needs, materials, etc.)
  • Create and submit estimate reports to appropriate persons (Project Team, Customers, etc.)
  • Consults with customers, vendors to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve issues as requested by sales.

Job Requirements

  • Comfortable with numbers and technology
  • Deep understanding of research methodology, data analysis and estimation metrics
  • Basic Understanding of accounting and project management concepts
  • Excellent communication and negotiation abilities
  • Great attention to detail, well organized and reliable
  • BA in Construction Science or relevant Field (*Not Required, but Desired)
  • 1-3 years estimating experience required.

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About Locke Solutions

The purpose of this company is to create a profitable and thriving business built on our core values allowing us to make a positive impact for our families and communities while providing rewarding and challenging careers to our team. We pride ourselves on developing safer, more efficient, more valuable means of construction using prefabricated methods.

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