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Forklift Driver

Our company’s success has come from hard work and effort put in by our team.  Although this job role has a different title and different measurements of successful results, it is just as essential as any other role in maintaining a level of customer service far and away better than the industry standard.  You and the team will ultimately be the determining factor in how successful our company can be.



  • Organizing the yard per Transportation Manager layout
  • Maintaining the organization and housekeeping of the yard
  • Completing all inspection for forklifts, and submitting by 9:00 A.M.
  • Cleaning out the Bays daily
  • Yarding product correctly (labeled and signed off)
  • Completing Daily Schedules list/ accomplishments
  • Loading trucks adequately


Successful Results for the Forklift Driver:

  • Ensures housekeeping as a priority and completes daily.
  • Conducts proper safety procedures
  • Notifies transportation manager of any issues with inspections
  • Communicates with the Yard Manager throughout day; transportation manager as needed
  • Prepares for next day’s shipments
  • Ensures proper customer service by reviewing delivery ticket to what is loaded, understanding delivery instructions and obtaining driver’s signature for proof of delivery
  • Yards product in designated areas (area for needs to be check, or yard location)
  • Communicating with Transportation Manager when trucks need final inspection


Job Responsibilities

  • Conducting daily inspections by required time
  • Morning meetings with Transportation Manager and Yard Manager
  • Collects delivery tickets for shipments every morning
  • Positions trucks into loading or unloading designated areas
  • Communicating with production and QC technicians on yarding/ checking products
  • Cycle counting standard precast product
  • Works with Warehouse/Inventory personnel in stocking product
  • Daily shipments are completed efficiently and timely
  • Aid in Loading and staging Permatrak
  • Responsible for the safe movement of product from inside the bay to the yard
  • Responsible for turning in packing slips for delivered goods

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