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Head of Recruiting - Houston, TX
Customers’ Lives Easier    |    Teamwork   |    Self-Motivation   |    “Get It Done” Attitude   |   Problem Solver

Our Purpose is to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better.


Head of Recruiting

In this role, you are responsible for finding talented individuals that will become the future leaders of Locke as we expand our footprint nationally by more than 650 families.


Key Results Area #1 – Develop Recruitment Marketing Business Plan to grow Locke from 130 families to more than 650 families over the next 6 to 7 years.

Successful Result – A written marketing plan detailing the growth path of our company showing the resources and actions needed to get there.

  • Layout organizational chart for each phase of growth identifying key leadership positions and timeframe for development of these people.
  • Determine allocation of resources for internal team needs versus 3rd party resources for a building a nationwide organization.
  • Actively recruit and fill key senior and mid-level positions.
  • Develop personal relationships with high schools, universities, trade schools, and related associations.


Key Results Area #2 – Position Locke as a Top Tier organization attracting those who fit our culture.

Successful Result – Develop and Execute a marketing strategy for communicating our culture and values to the open job market that clearly attracts those with our core values.

  • Look at this from a true “sales and marketing” perspective to promote and attract our ideal employees.
  • Work closely with our in-house marketing team and our 3rd party marketing resource, Always Creative, to create compelling job posts.
  • Periodically (at least quarterly) work with Executive Leadership Team to project out future staff needs.


Key Results Area #3 – Develop Team Structure & Manage Direct Reports and Outside Resources

Successful Result – Determine right recruitment team structure, both internal and external, and create specific job descriptions and expectations for each of your direct reports considering the forecasted growth and needs of our team.

  • Hold one-to-one meetings with each direct report at least monthly and possibly weekly, if needed.
  • Develop scorecard and measure results such as # of candidate interviews, employee feedback, employee turnover, etc.
  • Recruit, select, hire, onboard, and train new members of your team.


Key Results Area #4 – Team Meetings (L10’s)

Successful Result – Holding effective weekly team meetings (L10’s) with a 9+ rating as established with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

  • Utilize time to discuss the most important issues and come away with actionable next steps.
  • Discuss important projects, work as a team to support the operations, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Actively participate and contribute updates to our Executive Leadership Team.