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Preventative Maintenance Coordinator

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Our company’s success has come from hard work and effort put in by our team. Although this job role has a different title and different measurements of successful results, it is just as essential as any other role in maintaining a level of customer service far and away better than the industry standard. You and the team will ultimately be the determining factor in how successful our company can be.

The purpose of this correspondence is to communicate the expectations and responsibilities associated with the role of Preventative Maintenance and Safety Coordinator at Locke Solutions. In the Preventative Maintenance and Safety Coordinator role, you will promote safe work practices and influence safe work behavior. You would be expected to spend time out in the plant observing and coaching employees on the correction of unsafe conditions, behaviors, and preventative maintenance training. You would develop and coordinate the implementation and administration of a schedule of planned, preventive, and predictive maintenance for equipment, machinery, tools, or building. You would also serve as a resource to employees by answering questions about safety.



  • Develop and Maintain PM Program
  • Create inventory of the equipment and assets organizing the location, parts need, cost, etc.
  • Minimize downtime due to maintenance failure to less than one day
  • 85% PMC Preventative Maintenance Compliance monthly (% of pm work order on time that were executed in a month)
  • Minimize OPC Spending for Maintenance
  • Zero recordables and lost time accidents
  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) less than 1.0
  • Develop and Maintain LOTO program (train and ensure completed when necessary)


Successful Results for the Preventative Maintenance Coordinator:

  • Ensures weekly that all employees have documented training, and all documentation
  • Ensures all PPE requirements are being followed per Locke Solutions Policy daily
  • Assist in find safe, cost effective, and efficient ways of doing business
  • Maintains 30hr OSHA 501 & 502 for General Industry
  • Ensure consistent practices designed to improve performance and safety of the equipment
  • Follow-through commitments made both internally and externally in a punctual fashion daily.
  • Generates solutions for solving equipment problems while providing technical support to management and working with production personnel


Job Responsibilities:

  • LMA (Leading, Managing, and Accountability)
  • Administer Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Administer Safety Program
  • Document Management- Safety, Equipment, Facility Maintenance
  • Training-Safety
  • Injury Management

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