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Production Lead

Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team.  Although this job role has a different title and different measurements of successful results, it is just as essential as any other role in maintaining a level of customer service far and away better than the industry standard.  You and the team will ultimately be the determining factor in how successful our company can be.




  • Maintain healthy level of productivity maintaining a manhour variance.
  • Maintain a efficient concrete production rate.
  • Maintain a level of high quality.
  • Control production material waste.
  • Attain 100% of schedule each week.
  • Cross-train employees to create a diversified workforce.
  • Follow-through commitments made both internally and externally in a punctual fashion daily.

Successful Results for the Production Lead:

  • A team of direct reports with clearly defined and written expectations of what is required for them to be considered successful in their roles.
  • Demand a facility with housekeeping as a priority being completed daily.
  • Ensures BOM hour and drawing for accuracy.
  • Reports all inaccurate BOM hour and drawings to Operations Manager and Coordinator.
  • Maintain production level to coincide with BOM hours.
  • Always look for ways to improve safety and production processes.
  • Ensures that there is at minimum one employee that is cross-trained for all critical production positions on any given shift.
  • Communicates all scheduling related issues with Operations Coordinator daily.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in training new members of the production team while keeping our Core Values in mind during each of these processes
  • Utilize your team to complete short-term & long-term goals in order to help achieve department goals
  • Participate and attend weekly safety and production meetings
  • Assist Production Manager in developing and implementing operation strategies and measurable goals for your department
  • Maintain timely production attainment and upcoming manpower capabilities reporting to Operations Coordinator for daily accuracy of inventory and production metrics (scheduling, manpower, spending, etc.)
  • Coach employees on developing key production personnel such as backups
  • Set specific expectations for results from your Direct Reports and hold them accountable for those results
  • Assist Operations Coordinator with production overhead (OPC) spending within allotted budget
  • Monitor and maintain production labor variances within a reasonable range
  • Give performance reviews for key personnel & ensure consistent feedback for entire production personnel
  • Evaluates BOM hours and drawings for accuracy at minimum 3 days prior to the scheduled day.
  • Submits all inaccurate BOM hour and drawings to Operations Manager and Coordinator for review at minimum 3 days prior to the scheduled day.

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