Available Position

Project Coordinator - Houston, TX
Customers’ Lives Easier    |    Teamwork   |    Self-Motivation   |    “Get It Done” Attitude   |   Problem Solver

Locke Solutions is a prefab concrete manufacturing plant that strives to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team. Our team is service focused, continuously making self-improvements, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and all about making things happen for the team. 


  1. Coordinating all the key milestones within the project schedule and updating Titan system daily
  2. Communicating with the customer and sales on the progress of their project per Project communication standards
  3. Positive Schedule Variance
  4. Employee Satisfaction NPS Score > 85
  5. Customer Satisfaction NPS Score > 70

Successful Results for the Project Coordinator:

  1. Manage and coordinate the daily milestones of the project with the team.
  2. Provided concise and timely status reports during the project life cycle to key personnel about strategy, changes, and progress.
  3. Ensure each of our customers feel as if their project is Locke’s most important project.
  4. Effectively communicate project goals to the sales and project team to ensure a proper execution of each project.
  5. Represents the company fairly and consistently when interacting with the customer.
  6. Cost reductions through communication, planning, cooperation and purchasing.
  7. Cultivate relationships with existing customers through success project delivery.
  8. Quality and cost of rework analysis

Job Description:

  • Maintain Project Requirements and Profitability
  • Complete projects take offs to fully understand the project to prepare and submit project schedules to customers/sales and project team
  • Develop knowledge of company manufactured products to assist with customers questions regarding product information
  • Proactively problem solve, offer advice, and assist other team members to expedite assigned projects, and remove any obstacles that may deter the project schedule 
  • Follow up with ETA of purchased goods from supplier to ensure schedule can be met
  • Project Closeout ensuring each item in order has been shipped and invoice
  • Accurately entering in Work Break down structure into Titan System
  • Consistently updating Titan data system of project updates, engineering status, project dates etc.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintain Project Requirements and Profitability
  • External Customer Satisfaction
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • Accurate Titan Entry of Data
  • Manage Project Files/ Documents in Titan