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Integrity. Service. Quality. Development.

Locke Solutions is a prefab concrete manufacturing plant that strives to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team. Our team is service focused, continuously making self-improvements, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and all about making things happen for the team. We are currently seeking a Project Coordinator who is passionate about collaborating with others, and confident they can accomplish anything. This is a potential growth position for the right driven person.

This position pays 30k-45k per year.


  1. Coordinating all the key milestones within the project schedule
  2. Communicating with the customer and sales on the progress of their project
  3. Positive Schedule Variance
  4. Employee Satisfaction NPS Score > 60
  5. Customer Satisfaction NPS Score > 60

Successful Results for the Project Coordinator:

  1. Completing and coordinate the daily milestones of the project with the team.
  2. Provided concise and timely status reports during the project life cycle to key personnel about strategy, changes, and progress.
  3. Ensure each of our customers feel as if their project is Lockeís most important project.
  4. Effectively communicate project goals to the sales and project team to ensure a proper execution of each project.
  5. Represents the company fairly and consistently when interacting with the customer.
  6. Cost reductions through communication, planning, cooperation and purchasing.
  7. Cultivate relationships with existing customers through success project delivery

Job Responsibilities:

  • External customer satisfaction: communicating with sales and occasionally customer on project requirements and key milestones
  • Internal customer satisfaction: effectively communicating with internal team members, supplies and vendors as needed to complete assigned projects.
  • Maintaining and project requirements and profitability for small to midsize projects.
  • Develop project schedules and look-ahead schedules for each assigned projects.
  • Compete a project schedule consisting of drawing submittals, production, and shipping
  • Project data entry into Titan
  • Maintaining project cost budget to be within the estimate
  • Collecting, maintaining, and organizing project files in Document management software
  • Prepare Change Orders, prepare/ track RFIís
  • Create submittal packages
  • Completing project closeout to ensure each item was completed to customer satisfaction.
  • Assisting in Estimating as needed

Job Requirements:

  • Maintain Project Requirements and Profitability
  • External Customer Satisfaction
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • Accurate Titan Entry of Data
  • Maintain Project Files/ Documents in Titan

External Customer Satisfaction:

  • Communicate with Sales and/or occasionally Customer
  • Project Kickoff meeting reviewing scope, determining expectations for quality, productivity of the project.
  • Communicate with Sales Key milestones of project (as needed) first production date, first delivery, last delivery etc.
  • Develop knowledge of company manufactured products to assist with customers questions regarding product information
  • Facilitate or assist in coordinating customer meeting (as needed)
  • Effectively communicating with customer to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Maintain Project Requirements and Profitability for small to midsize projects
  • Complete projects take offs to fully understand the project to prepare and submit project schedules to customers/sales and project team
  • Develop project schedules and look-ahead schedules for each project
  • Monitor Project Schedule to ensure project is on committed schedule for multiple projects
  • Monitor/Maintain Project Cost is within +/- 1% of Estimated
  • Monitor Quality of Project, putting hands on product before committing produced quantities/setting up shipments
  • Follow up with ETA of purchased goods from supplier to ensure schedule can be met
  • Project Closeout ensuring each item in order has been shipped and invoiced

Internal Customer Satisfaction:

  • Communicating with internal team members, suppliers, and vendors as needed to complete assigned project.
  • Coordinate internal project kickoff meeting for larger projects
  • Coordinate with Suppliers and Vendors on lead times or ETA of purchase goods
  • Communicate with Purchasing on line items needing to be ordered
  • Collect and research project data as needed for purchasing, scheduling, or invoicing
  • Ensure cost reductions through effective communication, planning, cooperation and purchasing
  • Proactively problem solve, offer advice, and assist other team members to expedite assigned projects, and remove any obstacles that may deter the project schedule
  • Communicating of submittal drawings, calculations, revisions, rebar needed
  • Communicating of schedule and shipping dates
  • Develop a project close out report for all projects and meetings for larger projects as needed
  • Ensure effectively communicating with internal team and providing prompt information needed to ensure internal customer satisfaction
  • Assist in Estimating, or Designing as needed

Accurate Titan Entry of Data:

  • Break apart components of the project to enter individually into Titan
  • Accurately entering in product codes, descriptions of each structure; structure designation, sizing, weights per approved drawing
  • Accurately entering in BOM items per approved drawings
  • Ensuring Total cost of Job matches PO agreement throughout entire project
  • Uploading Stamped Approved Drawing with Purchased Good Cut Sheets

Maintain Project Files/Documents in Titan:

  • Collect Project Info Sheets within first week of job
  • Enter in Purchase Order information into Titan and saving PO agreement in Titan Document Management
  • Create and submit submittal packages consisting of cover sheet, submittal drawing, cut sheets, technical data, etc.
  • Prepare change orders as needed
  • Prepare and track RFI’s as needed
  • Collect ITP’s, and QC reports as needed
  • IFC drawings saved in Titan
  • Create Shipping projects at the end of each month
  • Tracking and Collecting Quality documents and cost of repairs

About Locke Solutions

The purpose of this company is to create a profitable and thriving business built on our core values allowing us to make a positive impact for our families and communities while providing rewarding and challenging careers to our team. We pride ourselves on developing safer, more efficient, more valuable means of construction using prefabricated methods.

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