Available Position

QHSE Technician – Point Comfort, TX
Making Customers’ Lives Easier    |    Teamwork   |    Self-Motivation   |    “Get It Done” Attitude   |   Problem Solver

Locke Solutions is a prefab concrete manufacturing plant that strives to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team. Our team is service focused, continuously making self-improvements, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and all about making things happen for the team. In this role you are responsible for ensuring the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment requirements are maintained with a focus on continuous improvement. 


  1. Maintain all required PQS, ACI, OSHA10 and other customer requirements within 6 months of position
  2. 100% Quality and Safety Inspections completed on time.
  3. Develop the skills and knowledge to complete all QHSE testing successfully.
  4. 100% of Documentation in QHSE database and distributed as needed for project specific.
  5. Coaching and developing the team to drive a culture of quality product and safety. 

Successful Results for the Quality, Health Safety and Environmental Technician: 

  1. Displaying knowledge and a good quality understanding of the process and the equipment being used in manufacturing to successfully communicate procedures.
  2. Identifies hazards and product deficiencies, and in a collaborative effort, provides corrective actions and feasible solutions.
  3. Competent to complete quality, equipment, safety, and environmental testing to ensure processes and procedures are working and prompt actions when deficiencies arise.
  4. Organized and orderly to maintain all QHSE document requirements to meet customer needs and company certification.
  5. Promote a daily culture of quality and safety by influence, engage employees and coach them on WHY it is important for them to work safely and productively produce quality outcomes.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure safety trainings are attended and certifications maintained
  • Responsible for all pre and post pour inspections and documentation
  • Maintain QHSE program, communicating safety and quality control philosophy to the organization
  • Ensure the plant achieves successful annual audits, and positively address any non-conformances
  • Assist and perform daily, weekly, monthly & annual QHSE testing to ensure required specifications are met as needed and report out any deviations.
  • Recommend revisions to drawings to improve production setup or quality, as needed
  • Maintain through knowledge of precast processes and equipment, best practices.
  • Communicates with all key personnel regarding safety and/or quality product inspection status, junk, etc. 
  • Participate as a vital team member, and contribute towards the success of the organization, which may involve the provision of other technical and administrative support, as required
  • Understand customer needs and requirements to continuously improve and develop effective quality control processes and procedures


  • 1 year in a manufacturing facility or precast industry preferred
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED).
  • Strong Math Skills
  • OSHA 10 
  • Licenses and certifications to operate equipment any equipment plus