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Sales & Marketing Manager

Making Customers’ Lives Easier    |    Teamwork   |    Self-Motivation   |    “Get It Done” Attitude   |   Problem Solver

In this role, you are responsible for developing a team and helping provide them with the tools and training necessary to drive the growth of our people and business.

Key Results Area #1 – Strategic Planning to Hit at least $100mm in Revenue in the year 2030

Successful Result – Develop and act upon a written business plan laying out the details of product lines, geographic markets, customer segments, potential acquisitions, and potential greenfield expansions leading us down a path to accomplish annual revenue of $100mm in the year 2030.

  • Work with leadership team to evaluate and critique the plan.
  • Discuss the plan with your team at least quarterly and create actionable Rocks and Annual Goals.
  • Work with Marketing resources to promote Lead Generation through our website and social media.


Key Results Area #2 – Develop Team Structure & Manage Direct Reports

Successful Result – Determine right team structure and create specific job descriptions and expectations for each of your direct reports.

  • Hold one-to-one meetings with each direct report at least monthly & possibly weekly, if needed.
  • Develop scorecard and measure results such as new orders, new business accounts, & win ratio.
  • Review & monitor the health of sales pipeline & if necessary, develop sales activity goals for the team.
  • Recruit, select, hire, onboard, and train new members of your team.
  • Develop compensation plans to encourage & motivate expected sales behaviors.


Key Results Area #3 – Coaching & Mentoring Direct Reports

Successful Result – Regularly riding along with sales reps (2x/month), coaching team on project negotiations over $200k, and leveraging your business relationships to advance your team’s career goals.

  • Outline a written expected sales process and train your team.  This would include how we prepare for sales calls, creating an agenda, identifying key information we are gathering during a sales call, and consistent follow up schedule after the sales call.
  • Offer guidance on time management and scheduling best practices.
  • Offer guidance on the discovery process, presentations, and handling customer objections.


Key Results Area #4 – Team Meetings (L10’s)

Successful Result – Holding effective weekly team meetings (L10’s) with a 9+ rating as established with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

  • Utilize time to discuss the most important issues and come away with actionable next steps.
  • Discuss important projects, work as a team to close deals, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Review and approve key purchase orders and contracts.
  • Hold regular meetings to review pricing and material costs relative to the market conditions.

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