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Structural Engineer Internship

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Making Customers’ Lives Easier    |    Teamwork   |    Self-Motivation   |    “Get It Done” Attitude   |   Problem Solver

Locke Solutions is a prefab concrete manufacturing plant that strives to make our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. Our company’s success has come from the hard work and effort put in by our team. Our team is service-focused, continuously making self-improvements, seeing obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and all about making things happen for the team. We are currently seeking an intern engineer who is passionate about collaborating with others, and confident they can accomplish anything. This is a potential growth position for the right driven person. 


  1. Understand the design process from job being awarded to manufactured. 
  2. Automate and streamline engineering processes for optimum capacity 
  3. Update/Program design calculations into program
  4. Produce mix designs, and simple design calculations
  5. Create a repair procedure based on common precast situations

Successful Results for the Civil Engineer Intern: 

  1. Creatively problem solve a plant process or engineering workflow
  2. Creates plans to eliminate inefficiencies
  3. Communicates with the team their observations and ideas 
  4. Teamwork with the Project and Production Team


  • Analyze workflows within and across all departments to determine how the entire company can work better together
  • Enter in engineering related data and update engineering excel software calculations
  • Create 3D models and designs 
  • Assist in reviewing drawings and designs to contract plans.
  • Create presentations for the design process and precast fabrication process
  • Understand ASTM and ACI design criteria and design loadings   
  • Understand how to produce an SCC mix design
  • Review and Check Design calculations


  • Skills Strong interest in design consulting and calculations
  • Skill in the use of Microsoft Office programs, CAD software; Ability to clearly communicate in both oral and written communication to individuals or groups
  • An attitude of taking initiative, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn
  • Ability to communicate thoughts and technical ideas in an accessible way
  • Must be prepared to provide excellent services to our customers
  • Positive contributor to the overall office and department goals, and culture
  • Flexible scheduling but should be consistently available a minimum of 20 hours per week


  • EIT certification
  • Upper-division coursework, especially engineering design classes
  • Pursing Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering degree sub-discipline in structural engineering

About Locke Solutions

The purpose of this company is to create a profitable and thriving business built on our core values allowing us to make a positive impact for our families and communities while providing rewarding and challenging careers to our team. We pride ourselves on developing safer, more efficient, more valuable means of construction using prefabricated methods.

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