Custom Plants

Custom Plants™ delivers customized precast solutions at scale. Locke can configure a custom facility with your exacting specifications, regardless 
of industry type or location.

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Precast manufacturing. At scale.

We provide efficient on-site precast production solutions for your project needs.

Enhanced Flexibility

Custom Plants™ enhances flexibility by providing a customized precast manufacturing facility that is designed for your project's specific needs, ensuring you achieve your vision without limitations.

Versatile Locations

Find a location to fits your needs and your scale. We’ll help select, outfit, and run your Custom Plant™ so it acts as a boost for your production capabilities.

Reliable Timelines

With a Custom Plant™, you're in control. Your products are the only thing in the production schedule. That means no distractions or delays.

Additional benefits of Custom Plants. Efficiently produced at scale.


Dedicated Engineers

With multiple professional engineers on staff, we ensure everything we do goes above and beyond. That's not only a necessity, but it ensures that our product quality is a company-wide focus.


On-site Quality Control

We integrate thorough quality control procedures across all stages of production, ensuring every product is of the highest quality and tracked extensively along the way.


Support from Headquarters

Every Custom Plant we deploy is overseen by the full leadership team at Locke Headquarters. Our team visits regularly and leverages extensive industry experience to ensure quality 24/7.


Controlled Environment

Everything is made indoors in a controlled environment, allowing us to reduce timelines, weather delays, and jobsite risk.

Precast Anywhere

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Let’s us help you.

    Fostering trust through reliable production processes

    Embracing creative ways to design and produce custom precast solutions that exceed expectations and inspire innovation.

    Embracing efficiency is a driving force behind our success. We continuously seek new ways to improve and optimize our precast production processes.

    Fostering trust and confidence through reliable production processes and dependable delivery of precast products.

    Client Testimonials

    “The response was thorough and quickly produced with what we believe to be a great deal of accuracy.”

    Natalie Brady
    Saber Powers Services, LLC

    “We are grateful for the partnership in their teamwork to produce the PermaTrak scope for one of our most notable structures to date.”

    Jason V. Philbin
    P.E., M.ASCE President/CEO

    Precast anything, anywhere, with Locke.