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Once again, the tried and tested values of precast concrete have partnered up with innovative and progressive ideas in coastal restoration.

Mike Turley of Wayfarer Technologies has been marketing and perfecting the OysterBreak artificial reef system along the Gulf Coast for more than 15 years.

Shoreline with installed precast concrete products

“The unique features about the OysterBreak reef system is primarily the ability to modify product design with minimal effort just by changing the wall thickness, overall height and concrete mixture to meet your specific project parameters of load-bearing, wave energy stability and habitat goals. The second feature is the ability to use our specially designed pervious concrete mix to offer a much greater opportunity for shellfish to colonize on the reef. The structure design allows for wave energy to move through the structure which mimics a natural occurring reef for fishery and shellfish habitat.” says Turley.

From proprietary concrete mix designs to custom-engineered handling devices to wave attenuation computer modeling, the OysterBreak system has been process engineered forward and back several times to create a multi-layered shoreline system with the most efficient cost per linear foot installation in the market.

Inventory Stock of Fish House & OysterBreak Units

Inventory Stock of OysterBreak Units

Turley explains, “The design has always been approached from a contractor’s point of view and we work closely with our installers to affirm their creative ingenuity for new and improved techniques in deployment. The latest handler has the ability to hydraulically clamp on the outside walls with a preset spacer jig that allows for cycle times of 2 minutes with only 1 man for guidance in the water.”

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Often these shoreline protection systems are needed for erosion control of the shoreline, or to provide a submerged barrier to place dredging spoils and actually build back the shoreline. Other times, there is a need to create an ecosystem suitable for promoting the growth of oysters for recreation and water filtration. And other times, the need is to create a breakwater barrier capable of withstanding the overturning forces created by annual hurricane surges in the Gulf of Mexico. Only one system can provide all these benefits with one single product, backed by the benefits inherent with a scalable precast concrete manufacturing process. To date, about 7 miles of this OysterBreak reef system has been installed in the water with no damage or loss.

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