Structure ID: 200950

30x48x30 Electrical Pull Box

Standard Features:

– Underground Precast Concrete Electrical Pull Box/Handhole/Splice Box
– Designed for HS-20 Loading
– Thin Wall Knockouts (shown)
– Pull Irons Cast In Floor (shown)
– 6″ Ø Recessed Sump in Floor (shown)
– 2″ Ø Ground Hole in Floor (shown)
– Shock Assist Cover
– Smooth Corners for Safe Installation & Quality & It Just Looks Better!

Additional Notes:

– Unistrut Cast Into Wall for Racking in lieu of Bolt Inserts
– Terminators Cast Into Wall in lieu of Thin Wall Recess
– Non-Metallic Racking
– Plastic Coated Racking
– Cast In Grounding Lug
– Pull Irons – Add or Change Locations
– Divider Plate for Multi-Purpose Boxes