Our Capabilities

We use the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to achieve a higher quality of work.

Your Precast Partner

If it's made of concrete, we can make it.

We'd love to partner with you on your next precast concrete project.

More than just capable. We’re motivated.

In-House Concrete

Making our own concrete not only saves time and money for our customers, but it leads to a substantially better product. We’ve developed our own methods and formulas, which are based on the real-world application of the products we sell.

Product Quality

We're a Texas Registered Engineering Firm and a Certified NPCA Facility, so all of our products are held to the most exacting of specifications. We’ve engineered everything in our process from the ground up, ensuring that we deliver the very best concrete

Technology Focused

Locke is a forward-looking company developing new ways to produce precast concrete products. Through the implementation of cutting-edge methods and technologies, we are able to produce a better product for a lower price, and that benefits everyone.

Streamlined Approach

We realize that cost is often a deciding factor for our clients and through the refinement of our process we’ve found ways to save time and money with absolutely no sacrifice to quality. Innovation often comes in the details and to Locke, details matter.

Customer Driven

Our ability to custom make anything set us apart. Our in-house engineers allow us to be more responsive to our customers which increases product output and decreases product issues. Customer service is a big deal to us.

Truly Motivated

At Locke, hard work is a cornerstone of our culture. And because of that, we actually enjoy taking on the difficult, hard-to-solve problems as it allows us to really show our work ethic and ingenuity. That's just who we are.


  • Can you do cast in place?

    We do not offer Cast-in-Place services as we consider Precast to be a much better process all around.

  • How big is your production facility?

    Our facility is 400,000 square feet with a custom concrete batch plant, 3 massive cranes and a 1/2 mile of outdoor product storage.

  • What is the typical lead time?

    Lead times are 2 weeks for standard products, and more customized products usually range from 3-4 weeks.

  • How long would a quote take?

    Our standard quote time is 2 days. Specialty products may take up to a week.

  • How many yards a day can you pour/produce?

    We currently can produce around 80 Yards per day.  Depending on the product type such as heavy structures, large flat slabs. This number would easily increase.

  • Can you turn a cast-in-place design to a precast design?

    Definitely, this is the bulk of what we do. We can customize your structure to meet your job’s needs. Whether it’s a sump, trench, or custom manhole. We can use our engineering capabilities to redesign a simplified approach to construction. Our engineering team provides a turnkey service of grabbing the layout plans and re-producing details that will be a precast version of the original design. Our team will work with the owner’s engineering team to help with this transition.

  • How does payment work?

    We are currently only accepting checks and ACH payments. We require Will Call orders to be paid with a check or ACH payment unless they have an account open with us. Customers on COD terms are required to pay before shipment or release of the product. New customers that would like to open an account with us will have to fill out a credit application. Once we review their trade references and, in some cases, pull their DNB, a set credit limit will be given to the customer at NET 30 terms.


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