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Whether you’re looking for a pull box, hand hole, or a traffic light control box pedestal, we’ve got you covered.

With multiple racking choices, access options, and conduit penetration configurations, we have what you’re looking for. And if your needs go beyond what’s typical, we’ll help design a structure to specifically fit your project.



We have years of experience outfitting the major local communication networks.

We’ve developed communication manholes designed specifically to make installation as painless as possible.


Locke Solutions is an approved manufacturer for CenterPoint Energy power manholes.

From precast manholes to trench solutions, we have products designed to protect your power installations and allow for clean and safe maintenance in the future.


We have products and design capabilities to provide you with a solution to your unique water situations.

From a low profile box culvert under your local grocery store to environmentally sensitive storm water catch basins in a coastal refinery.


Whether dealing with maintenance at a petrochemical facility or expanding access to a port, we realize time is money and pre-manufactured items lead to quicker turn-around.

We can design foundation solutions to intricate valve boxes to massive sump structures, all of which reduce the amount of “cast-in-place” time, making variable weather conditions a non-factor.


Trench and Culvert solutions to fit any need.

Whether it’s protecting your power cables, data lines, mechanical piping, or just creating a drainage culvert, we’ll design and build an easy to install trench solution to fit your exact needs.


One of our greatest strengths is our unique ability to adapt and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

When your situation appears too complex or time constrained in the field, give us a call and see how we can help.