Carbon Locked™ Precast Concrete

The stronger, cleaner way to build with concrete.

Our newest innovation in concrete means you get the best of concrete without all the downfalls. Schedule a call today to discuss how you can use Carbon Locked Precast Concrete on your next job.

100x 2x 10x

Our Precast Products

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Upgrade your job site.


Lowered emmissions.

Your brand and your customers will appreciate it..


Increased strength

It’s up to two times stronger than standard concrete.


Better brand stories

Share your new jobsite news with customers.


No Extra Cost.

Carbon Locked concrete is now included on most jobs.

Carbon Savings you can see. And track.

Estimated Total Yards Poured:

2700 yards.

Estimated Net Carbon Saved:

324,000 lbs.

How it works

1. Manage Less

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Manage less people, less crews, and less time sheets with precast due to it's easier installation process.

2. Remove Delays

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Don't lose weeks of production time due to bad weather. Our indoor facility can keep producing your products, rain or shine.

3. Install Faster

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Precast installs in hours, not weeks to months. This means less water pumping, less mucking out, and less time renting equipment.

Add Carbon Locked™ concrete to your next job.