Meet the driving force behind Locke Solutions: our hardworking team. Their visionary leadership and unwavering commitment are the cornerstones of our success, guiding us towards new heights in the precast industry.

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Asher Kazmann, P.E.
With over two decades of designing structural precast products and concrete mix designs for the electrical, power, communication, water, and industrial sectors, Asher is focused on creating solutions in the construction industry.  More importantly, he is dedicated to helping make a positive impact in the lives of his friends and family, including his co-workers, customers, and vendor partners.  "Our focus as a company is to create an environment that challenges our people and provides them opportunities to grow personally and in their careers.  We continue to build a team and culture aligned with our values, which has, in turn, created a high functioning organization with a focus on responsive, customer service.  We will be remembered as a company making a lasting impact in the lives of our people and partners."
Michael Luck
Vice President
Sales – Business Development
His work ethic and ability to put his client’s needs ahead of everything else has helped Michael earn the reputation he has today after more than 15 years in the industry. Michael’s commitment and support to the industry are simply a byproduct of his desire for the success of his clients.
David Espino
Director of Operations
David has over a decade of precast industry experience. His experiences include quality control, project and production management as well as estimating and technical sales. As Director of Operations at Locke, he currently oversees production, transportation and facilities. He is an active member of NPCA, serving on the Education Committee. He continues to study the precast industry and enjoys serving the construction community through education and hands-on knowledge sharing. - “At Locke, our team believes that our purpose is to do everything possible to make our customers’ lives easier and help ensure a better life for all our employees. We continuously look forward to helping in any way we can.”
Richard Burke
Director of Finance, Administration, & HR
Richard has a wealth of experience from multiple industries in various stages of growth and is currently laser-focused on optimizing Locke’s business model to support sustainable growth. He believes that suppliers and employees deserve premier customer treatment, while being mindful of performance and value. As head of HR, he aims to create reinforcing systems that recognize and promote from within, especially those who go the extra mile and exemplify Locke’s positive can-do culture. - “I am passionate about infusing Locke’s forward-leaning culture as a cornerstone of our growth strategy. With greener production technologies and faster customer responsiveness, I am confident Locke will recast the precast industry into something truly remarkable – from sea to shining sea!”
Chelsey Henderson
Director of Engineering
Chelsey has been designing 3D models in the precast industry since 2013. Since joining Locke in 2016, she’s collaborated on various project types, some with unique manufacturing and construction purposes. She’s incredibly passionate about helping the team grow and stay successful. As the Director of Engineering, she manages the execution of our projects from the engineering design and 3D CAD drawings to the overall project management of the jobs. Her engineering department also oversees quality control, health, safety, & environmental compliance. - “Growth starts with our people. Our team all have this outlook of not seeing problems but seeing opportunities instead. We want to design and manufacture products that improve the construction industry. Everyday, they are working together to make this possible and in return it makes our customers’ lives easier. Everyone going in the same direction is a powerful feeling.”
Chad Arpe
Director of Sales & Marketing
Upon graduating from Texas A&M University, Chad started his career in the oil and gas industry. During this time, Chad completed his Master’s in International Management and his MBA from University of Maryland. Chad joined Locke in January of 2022 and has been an active member in the Association of Building Contractors and the National Precast Concrete Association. As the Director of Sales & Marketing, Chad ensures Locke is staying on the innovative edge of the precast industry, truly serving out its message of Leading Precast™. - “The culture and core values at Locke are by far what make our organization successful. Our dedicated people truly make our customers’ lives better, both internally and externally.”

Better Service, Smarter Processes

Your personal precast division.

At its core, Locke is a technology and innovation company. We continue to seek out ways to give better service, add smarter processes, and deploy powerful tooling.

How we do it

Good People

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Hard work is a cornerstone for Locke's culture and we find hard workers to also be more dependable. Good, dependable people mean a lot to us.

Responsive Service

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What we do is only as good as how 
we do it. We continue to work hard to make everything else easier, especially working with us.

Technical Expertise

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Ongoing education, growth tracks, and a culture of lifelong learning ensures our team is full of the best, most technically knowledgeable team in the business.



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