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  • With a large array of precast products on hand, we can meet your needs with our extensive inventory. And when your needs get exacting, we’re here to build to specification.

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What are the size limits for utilizing precast products in lieu of pour-in-place design?

Depending on the manufacturer’s equipment, the size of precast products are only limited when you start talking about what can or cannot be shipped. Typically there is not a problem with shipment unless the smallest length dimension of the product is greater than 20 feet. For instance, if a vault is 50’ long, but only 10’ wide, it may not cost any more than shipping a 10’x10’ utility vault.

Is there a maximum weight that can be done as precast?

No, we design the weight of the structure to meet the needs of the contractor’s equipment capacity. If needed, we can arrange for cranes to offload the structures at the jobsite. From a pure economic standpoint, as the shipping load gets over 175,000 lbs, the cost of shipping starts to dramatically increase. When the cost of shipment or the contractor’s equipment become the critical factor, we always have the ability to design the precast structure in segments to limit the heaviest single pick during the installation.

Can precast be designed to withstand traffic loading conditions?

Yes, virtually every product we produce is designed to withstand HS-20 traffic loading conditions.  Often times we design products to handle extreme loading conditions due to heavy equipment traffic, railroad loading, or aircraft loading.  With our in-house design team, we can take any loading criteria and design our structures accordingly, furnishing calculations and providing a professional engineer’s stamp of approval.

Is there any flexibility in changing standard design features of precast products such the type of access openings or even the size of the structures?

Yes, although we have several standard products designed to be meet many different applications and are kept in stock for same day delivery or pickup, we also have the ability to make changes to our standard products with little or no cost increases. We also have the ability to add features or create an entirely new product with our unique molding equipment.