Why Precast with Locke?

Our people, responsiveness and technical expertise make precast superior to cast-in-place.

Save time and money with precast.

Designs without limitations.
Our team can create anything you can dream up. Really.
Conversions without fees.
We'll easily convert your CIP design to precast for free.
Dependable budgets.
Controlled scheduling and production means little waste.
Realistic production times.
Get precast products in weeks, not months. Guaranteed.

Six ways precast can help reduce schedule durations

Manage Less
Manage less people, less crews, and less time sheets with precast due to it's easier installation process.
Remove Delays
Don't lose weeks of production time due to bad weather. Our indoor facility can keep producing your products, rain or shine.
Install Faster
Precast installs in hours, not weeks to months. This means less water pumping, less mucking out, and less time renting equipment.
Skip Inspections
We handle all product inspections in-house, saving you time, money and the ongoing hassle of coordinating inspectors.
Minimize Risk
Reduced open excavation time means less hazards for your people, equipment and job sites plus fewer weather risks.
Expect Quality
High-strength concrete. Controlled environments. Certified technicians. At Locke, we take quality seriously.

The Precast Process

Prefabricated items make life easier.
Turn your concept in a successful project in 3 simple steps. Precast is the better way to concrete.
1. Design
Our design team will work with you to convert your cast-place-design to precast.
2. Schedule
Precise scheduling, controlled production, and accurate lead times offer more cost effective solutions.
3. Deliver
Get your products in-hands when you need them with no delays or weather excuses.

“We are grateful for the partnership in their teamwork to produce the PermaTrak scope for one of our most notable structures to date.”


“The response was thorough and quickly produced with what we believe to be a great deal of accuracy.”


“I’m very grateful to Locke for everything. The dispatcher and the delivery people always help me at all times.”

What They Say

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