The Leading Precast Plant

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to deliver on your precast dreams and demands.

Everything you'd expect. And more.

Automated Concrete Batching
Pouring 2 CYD every 6 mins using an innovative tunneling system.
(4) Production Bays
40k+ sqft of manufacturing with up to 40' of hook height.
(2) Cement Silos
That can handle over 180 tons of cementitious materials
(8) Bridge Cranes
Allowing for a maximum indoor lifting capacity of 200k lbs.

Newest Plant Innovations

A truly industry-leading plant

Concrete Batching:
Our automated concrete batching system is a planetary-style mixer and has the ability to pour 2 CYDs every 6 minutes.
Yard Expansion:
Our newly expanded yard is an entirely paved space of 3+ acres. It is designed for heavy duty loads, allowing us to have quicker, safer access to all stored materials and products. 
Rebar Department:
We use the latest heavy-duty equipment to cut, bend and fabricate our own rebar in-house. Utilizing rebar tie guns, we've increased efficiency and safety across the production floor.
Bridge Cranes:
We're equipped with (2) 50 Ton with double hoists, (1) 40 Ton, (3) 20 Ton, and (2) 10 Ton throughout the facility. If we can make it, we can lift it.
Aggregate Hoppers:
We have (4) 25 Ton aggregate hoppers that are covered and located below grade. Each is equipped with moisture sensors and weight scales that are connected to our automated batching system, ensuring an accurate mix.
Production Bays:
Our (4) productions bays together are over 40,000 sq ft. With up to 40' of hook height and our crane capacity, we can produce products of all shapes and sizes within a controlled environment.