A great team at work

Forged by tradition and rooted in technology, Locke does things differently. Think of us as your personal precast company, focusted on doing pre-cast the way it ought to be done.

Our team appreciates a solid day of work and we stand by the products we build. From sales to the factory floor, the Locke family is all about service and quality. That's just how we were raised.

We're a family

And we're pretty tight knit, too. But that is just what a family is supposed to be.

Our team of 60+ includes office staff, factory professionals, sales folks, and company management. Regardless of their role in the company, we all have the same goal in common: serving our customers.

Our motto, "Your personal precast division", is a summary of this. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients' businesses and, as such, take our work seriously. That's why we work hard together and our bond grows stronger every day.

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    Celebrating major milestones for all the hard work our team has put in over the years as we’ve grown.
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    Did you know we have an award winning bbq team?
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    We are each other’s biggest fans and we always show up to support.
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    Treats are only as good as the company you share them with.
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