Plungie: The coolest thing in precast.

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While many may not give them much thought, pools often serve as gathering places for families and communities, bringing people together for leisure, exercise, and socializing.

For years, they’ve provided a pleasant reprieve from the heat, especially during the blazing summer months here in Texas. At Locke, we’ve seen the value they offer and have sought to incorporate that into our own framework. With that said, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Plungie, a pioneer of the swimming pool industry that has changed the game when it comes to modern plunge pools.

Manufactured with our durable precast concrete, Plungie pools are installed 74% faster than traditional pools and can be enjoyed in a matter of days rather than months. On top of that, Plungie’s seamless selection and installation process eliminates the headaches commonly associated with installing a traditional swimming pool. Plungie pools are also adaptable to every backyard with four different size options and a range of finishes, add-ons, and modifications that enhance the look of any space.

Coinciding with our efforts to produce sustainable products, Plungie has developed a pool with a 41% lower carbon footprint than traditional concrete pools, making it an eco-conscious product that we can feel good about manufacturing and consumers can feel good about purchasing. Additionally, Plungie has kept safety at the forefront with their ecoFinish interior coating that provides a textured, slip-resistant finish with six different shades to choose from.

In terms of our production strategy, we take a monolithic approach, producing each Plungie from one single pour of concrete. This creates a seamless pool shell that has a greatly reduced risk of weak spots that could cause leaks and other issues over time. Plungie has patented this monolithic pouring method, so it can’t be found anywhere else.

Concrete Plunge Pool

As a producer of Plungie, we take pride in each pool we manufacture and put great effort into seeing that each pour is carefully crafted into a product that surpasses the industry standard and offers a unique solution to even the most limiting of spaces.

We are thrilled to have taken on this partnership and can’t wait to see where else it takes us as a company. Our collaboration with Plungie guarantees a great quality product every time while being as sustainable as possible. The pools we manufacture are not just a product, but a lifestyle for those who enjoy outdoor living and having a relaxing backyard escape. We look forward to seeing what we produce with Plungie in the future, and to continue building a reputation of sleek design and logistical ease within the precast pool industry.