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Round structures come in a variety of sizes and can include drainage manholes, sanitary sewer manholes, lift stations, wet wells, sumps, catch basins, just to name a few. We received several questions about our round structures including their sizing and customization options that we wanted to answer. Let’s get right to those questions.

Question 1: What sizes of manholes do you make?

All of our round manhole structures are designed to meet ASTM C478 and can be produced with diameters of 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ that are up to 8’ in height.


Question 2: Can you increase the wall thickness?

We sure can. Below are some examples of wall thickness and that we offer with our round structures.

  • 4ftx diameter with 5inches wall thickness.
  • 5ftx diameter with 6inches wall thickness.
  • 6ftx diameter with 7inches wall thickness.
  • 8ftx diameter with 9inches wall thickness.
  • 10ftx diameter with 12inches wall thickness.
  • 12ftx diameter with 14inches wall thickness.

Question 3: How heavy of sections can you produce?

There is no limit to the size of structure or sections that we can produce. To learn more about how we ship mega structures, check out our blog What are the Limitations of Precast Concrete Products.

Question 4: Can you chamfer or angle cut on the bottom of the structure?

We typically do not chamfer the bottom of our structures but we do provide joint systems that are designed to meet specification criteria. Our blog Common Precast Concrete Joint Sealants has additional resources about the best practices for sealing joints and the different types of joint sealants commonly used.

Question 5: Do you make a steel footers?

We make precast footers for our structures. For any structure that will require extensions that will assist with buoyancy forces, our engineering team can adjust the structural design to meet specification requirements.

Additional options for Round Structures

Round concrete lids are custom designed for each round structure and can be designed for different loads. Special frames and covers can be incorporated into the lid design including, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized frame/cover. Embed plates, opening requirements, doghouse option to tie into existing structures is also an option and coatings may also be used depending on the structure.



Stay tuned for our next article.

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