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TNT Crane & Rigging stopped by the new Locke HQ to help us with a large task… concrete sump extraction.

Using a gantry system, they lifted a huge concrete sump in preparation for client delivery. Here are a few details about the sump itself:

  • The concrete sump measured 14 ft wide and 44 ft in length
  • The combined weight of the two precast sections was nearly 200 tons
  • The concrete pad in front of the warehouse was designed and built with zero grade slope specifically for the purpose of casting large structures.
  • The sump was designed and built in conjunction with Wood Group AMEC Foster Wheeler
  • Locke was able to take a cast in place design and turn it into a precast solution
  • Allowing the customer savings in time, labor, safety and weather issues
  • With the help of Penney Heavy Hauling we used a Faymonville Highway Max 9-Axle Hydraulic Steerable Truck with the ability to self-load and unload up to 240,000 pounds.
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If you’re okay with improving quality, schedule duration, and cost, then check out this precast pipe rack.

Our prefabricated concrete columns and beams are built in a factory setting with tight quality control and rigid production and testing standards to ensure a perfect fit on the job site.

Project Details:

  • 33 Columns (3’x3’8” up to 22’ long)
  • 6 “H” Beams up to 29’ long
  • 340 Cubic Yards of Concrete

Our concrete compressive strengths meet and exceed the project design strengths within days of casting and can be erected in place and put into service right away.

Additional Benefits:

  • Steel Angle and Embed Plates Cast into Columns for connection points to piping and equipment.
  • Connections between foundations and columns and beams utilizing NMB Splice Sleeves with High Strength Grout.
  • Advantages of the inherent fireproofing characteristics of concrete.
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RediStair® is the high-strength precast concrete stair system that brings the value of a concrete stair to a building owner at a cost competitive with steel stair systems. The advantages of concrete stairs over steel are many; they are more durable, quiet, and architecturally appealing than steel or steel frame with concrete tread systems.

RediStair® is a proprietary process that integrates precast concrete stair stringers and site cast main and intermediate landings to form a “cantilevered truss” that has an unsupported mid-landing. It can be used inside cores, adjacent to cores, mid-slab, projecting off the building, as well as with steel frame construction.

This is the first project in Texas utilizing this patented precast process. Locke Solutions was chosen to fabricate this project due to Locke’s extensive experience with complex precast designs and the capacity of the new Locke facility. Our stairway spans 29 stories with 3 stairwells. The stairs add a safety factor to the project because as the building goes up, so do the stairs. This negates the use of unsafe and inefficient temporary ladders for passage of men and material.

Learn more about RediStair on our Products page.

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Locke provided several key components towards the construction of a concrete dock platform down in Freeport, TX for the LNG industry. The concrete dock system was originally designed with a pour-in-place concrete beam system supported with concrete piles. In a design/build effort, Locke worked in conjunction with the customer to develop precast concrete pier cap beams to dramatically reduce the project schedule and cost. Locke’s engineering department utilized 3D modeling tools to ensure a perfect fit between precast components and eliminate any potential conflicts.

The final outcome resulting in 9 large beam sections weighing as much as 215,000 lbs and as long as 70 feet in length along with 40 precast concrete deck panels spanning the beam sections and creating a working platform to finish the 100’x100’ concrete dock system on.

Hundreds of bar couplers were used to aid in closure pours between beams and the entire concrete system was produced with exposed reinforcing steel and the surfaces were treated to create a roughened surface to adhere to the final “bathtub” concrete pour to finish off the top surface. All of these precast elements were produced and shipped from our facility here in Houston, TX.

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Locke Solutions was just getting started around the time this Surface Water Facility was being designed, so when we were introduced to provide some small communication vaults, there were several questions about who exactly we were.

It didn’t take long for our LOCKE stickers to start showing up all over that job site though. Over the course of 4 years, we have provided product to 8 different contractors/wholesalers including directly to SJRA. We started with dozens of communication and electrical manholes to protect the “nerve system” of controls traveling between each of the different facilities on site.

We were then called to provide more than 500 sections of precast concrete trench sections used for housing the numerous chemical lines running between facilities.

During the production of the trench sections, we were then given the opportunity to take a look at 2 large water meter vaults designed as pour-in-place concrete structures due to the enormous sizes.

The larger of these vaults measured 42’ in length, 13’ in width, 10’ in height, and weighed a little over 215K lbs.

Even though it’s all buried underground, we’re proud to have the Locke name all over this incredible water treatment facility in Conroe, TX.