Light Pole Bases

Precast concrete Light Pole Bases are pre-engineered, pretested and manufactured in a controlled environment.

Precast Concrete Light Pole Bases provide a fast and easy way to install light poles up to twenty-five feet in height and in some cases taller.


We have partnered with LPB and their proven universal bolt system allowing us to stock pre-engineered units.


Light Pole Base Features:

• Accommodates Light Poles up to twenty-five feet tall
• Adjustable anchoring system for bolt patterns ranging from 7-1/4” to 13’-1/2” in diameter
• Pre-engineered and pre-tested light pole bases are 24” diameter.
• Light Pole Bases are designed for multiple conduits from all directions
• Other sizes available upon request
• The future of light pole bases

Minimize Your Project Time:

• Stocked and available for when you need it
• Fast and easy installation
• Less weather dependency
• Less manpower is needed


When your needs get exacting, we're here to build to specification.
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