Locke takes a step towards Innovation and Growth

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With our recent announcement of our expansion to Alvarado, Texas, we could not be more excited to continue our mission of making our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives better. This milestone not only signifies our team’s commitment and our loyal customers throughout the years, but it also showcases the dedication that our team has to innovation, growth, and each other. With this new location, we’re locking in (yes, pun intended) our position as the Leading Precast concrete provider in the great state of Texas, while creating numerous employment opportunities for the residents of Alvarado and its surrounding areas.



With this expansion to Alvarado, we plan to offer a substantial number of job opportunities for the local workforce. Including: engineers, technicians, production workers, and administrative staff. This influx of employment will not only stimulate the local economy but also improve the standard of living for residents in the area. Additionally, we will continue our efforts of providing a supportive work environment, fostering skill development, and offering competitive compensation packages for our team.



This marks a significant milestone for our team and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impacts that this expansion with bring to the Dallas/Fort Worth region and beyond. With our technical expertise, our dedicated people, and our commitment to a high level of responsiveness to our customers, we’re ready to continue reshaping the precast manufacturing landscape.