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Often an overlooked feature in everyday life, light pole bases play a vital role in supporting the towering structures that illuminate our streets, parks, and communities. Partnered with Light Pole Base (LPB), our product is designed to provide optimal stability and support for outdoor lighting systems. Using the variable bolt down system, they play a crucial role in ensuring that light fixtures are securely anchored to the ground and properly connected to electrical wiring. As one of the few producers of Light Pole Bases in Texas and across the Gulf Coast, we take pride in manufacturing a product that is revolutionizing the way we utilize precast light pole bases.


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Our light pole bases are available in a variety of sizing, with most being 2 feet in diameter and measuring up to 30 feet tall. LPB has simplified the installation process with its universal features that allow it to be an in-stock product, as well as being manufactured with our precast concrete, which speeds up the process significantly. Cast-in-place bases require much more onsite labor, time spent waiting on materials, and favorable weather conditions than precast concrete.

Pole base

In terms of installation, one of the primary features of the light pole base is the adjustable anchoring system. This system can accommodate light poles with a required bolt circle diameter of 7.5 inches up to 13.5 inches. Each LPB foundation also comes with an installation hardware set that includes all the nuts, washers, and anchoring rods needed to set up the anchoring system and install the light pole.

To install the base, the depth of the hole is determined based on the project requirements, plus an additional 6 inches, with the diameter of the hole being at least 30-36 inches to allow for adequate space. The LPB is then leveled and placed in the hole, and additional backfill material is placed around the foundation. The required conduit is then installed, and the rest of the backfill material is poured around the perimeter of the LPB at the required elevation. Next, the anchoring system is installed on the top of the LPB and each slot is filled with grout to prepare for light pole installation.

While their primary function is structural support, light pole bases also serve aesthetic and functional purposes. With the two different design options we produce at Locke, LPB bases are able to meet the visual demands of any project. These design options include:

  • The LPB Classic: As the name suggests, this is the classic light pole base finish with a 1” chamfer
    around the top and a smooth finish on the sides.

Pole base trim

  • The LPB Legacy: This model also has a simple, smooth finish with a slight taper around the top and a round-over.

Pole base trim

In addition to supporting traditional streetlights, these bases can accommodate various technological equipment including charging ports for electric vehicles, Wi-Fi routers for enhanced connectivity, surveillance cameras, or even sensors for smart city initiatives. There are countless ways to utilize light pole bases once they are installed.

Streetlight pole base

Though they typically remain unnoticed, light pole bases play a much larger role than one would think. Their sturdy construction, versatile designs, and evolving functionalities contribute significantly to the safety, aesthetics, and technological advancement of our cities and communities. As we continue to innovate and prioritize sustainability, these foundational structures will undoubtedly evolve, becoming even more integral to the future of urban living.

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