Structure ID: Special

Electric Utility Trench

Standard Features:

  • Trench and Cover are Designed for HS-20 Loading (Other Loading Available: Port, Aircraft, etc.)
  • Concrete Compressive Strength of 5,500 PSI at 28 Days
  • Minimum of Grade 60 Steel Reinforcing
  • Aluminum Checker Plated Lid with Description Tag (shown)
  • Threaded Bolt Inserts Cast In Wall for Mounting Equipment (shown)
  • Cable Tray Slots in Walls as Needed (shown)
  • Cast In Pipe As Needed (shown)
  • Chamfered Edges for Safe Installation & Quality
  • No Special Lifting Attachments Required- Standard Hooks Only


Additional Notes:

  • Non-Traffic Rated & Medium Duty Rated Available
  • Special Design Trench for Unusually Heavy Loading Conditions Available
  • Increase/Decrease of Trench Section as Needed
  • Change the Width and Height of Trench as Needed
  • Terminators Cast Into Walls/Floor
  • Thin wall Knockouts
  • Bolt Inserts Cast Into Walls/Floor
  • Non-Metallic Racking
  • Plastic Coated Racking
  • Cast In Grounding Lug
  • Galvanized Steel Cover or Grating In lieu of Concrete Cover

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Electrical Trench