Project Spotlight: Precast Pipe Rack

If you’re okay with improving quality, schedule duration, and cost, then check out this precast pipe rack.

Our prefabricated concrete columns and beams are built in a factory setting with tight quality control and rigid production and testing standards to ensure a perfect fit on the job site.

Project Details:

  • 33 Columns (3’x3’8” up to 22’ long)
  • 6 “H” Beams up to 29’ long
  • 340 Cubic Yards of Concrete

Our concrete compressive strengths meet and exceed the project design strengths within days of casting and can be erected in place and put into service right away.

Additional Benefits:

  • Steel Angle and Embed Plates Cast into Columns for connection points to piping and equipment.
  • Connections between foundations and columns and beams utilizing NMB Splice Sleeves with High Strength Grout.
  • Advantages of the inherent fireproofing characteristics of concrete.
When your needs get exacting, we're here to build to specification.
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