Want an internship with one of the top precast companies in Texas? By: Kaid Nygren

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Locke is a precast expert based in Houston, Dallas and the Gulf Coast area. We specialize in precast concrete, metal fabrication and the projects most people find too difficult. We’d love to help your business see the better side of building. Reach out today and we’ll be happy to help!

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Locke Solutions is based out of Houston, Texas, and recently opened two other locations in Point Comfort and Alverado this year. In the past year, Locke has more than doubled in size and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. This growth within the company gives interns the opportunity to be apart of an experience they wouldn’t get at other precast plants. My name is Kaid Nygren, a 2023 Summer intern for Locke Solutions and I’m writing this because after my time at Locke Solutions, I can truly say that I was apart of something bigger than the average summer internship.

Locke HQ

About Me
My name is Kaid Nygren, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am going into my
sophomore year at Texas State University, studying concrete industry management. Ever since starting this major, my passion for concrete and aspirations to excel in the concrete industry has grown every day. Before working at Locke Solutions, I had small knowledge of what precast concrete was, but was ready to learn.

What a Locke Internship Consists of
No Locke Solutions internship is the same. My internship at Locke was a 3-month long period, where I averaged around 35 hours of work a week. Locke gives interns the ability to do what they aspire to do by letting them decide where they want to work. My time at Locke was spent in 4 different departments that I got to choose. These departments I chose were sales, estimating, quality control and production. With these departments, I worked on multiple projects on top of completing day to day tasks. Having the capability of working in multiple departments in one summer gives interns the ability to learn what they like the most. This is an opportunity that not many companies have offer.

Locke’s Purpose & Core Values
Locke’s purpose is to make the customers life easier, and their employee’s lives better. This is done by embracing the 5 core values at Locke Solutions. These values include RESPONSIVENESS, TEAMWORK, SELF-MOTIVATION, GET IT DONE ATTITUDE, and PROBLEM SOLVING. These values are what makes Locke Solutions who they are and why they have been leading precast since 2013. If you feel that these values mirror who you are, you will find that Locke feels like home to you. Every employee at Locke strives to embrace these values every day, pushing you to become the best version of yourself.

The Team
The Locke team is like no other. Interns at Locke Solutions are surrounded by people
that are willing to help you grow. The second I stepped foot into the facility, it was
made known that I was a part of their team. At Locke I was surrounded by people who
worked hard and were always looking for ways to improve themselves, the company
and those around them.

Locke is growing at an extremely fast rate and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
This is a great experience for interns because it allows them to assist in this growth with
their ideas and projects. During my internship I was able to complete 4 projects that all
have contributed to improving this expansion. Watching and being a part of this has
taught me lessons that I wouldn’t have learned at other places.

Join the Locke Solutions Team!
If you take advantage of this unique experience with Locke Solutions, you’ll learn useful
strategies to apply to your degree program and in future career opportunities. Be a part
of something bigger than just precast concrete and lay the foundation for your future!