What is Customer Service?

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Simply put, customer service is providing a service to a customer. It is the first interaction that you make with the customer, to the very last interaction that you have with them. But what does it mean to provide excellent customer service? We decided to interview our employees and take a closer look at what providing excellent customer service truly means.

What Customer Service Means

When we sat down with over 30 of our own team members and asked them this question, there were several similarities that stood out to us. First, they all believe that taking initiative and having a “Get it Done Attitude” was key. Ozvaldo Cuate, one of our production leads explained the significance of working to stay ahead on the production floor: “Getting the rebar ready before it is needed helps us to stay ahead and helps to keep production running more smoothly.” Our Lead Estimator Bob Ahimbisibwe also believes that a “Get it Done Attitude” is an important element of providing excellent customer service and implements this by taking initiative to complete any quotes before their bid dates.


The next contributor of providing excellent customer service that our team members believed was important, was the level of responsiveness to our customers. This means getting back with customers promptly and being available to answer any questions or concerns that they may have. It also means being attentive to customer needs and anticipating future needs that they may have.


Lastly, they believe that one of the most important functions of providing excellent customer service is communication. “It is always best to keep the customer informed on their project, even when things do not go exactly as planned. When problems do come up, it is important that we do everything that we can to be problem solvers for them.” -Dakota McCadden, Estimator Coordinator at Locke.

Making our Customers Lives’ Easier


At Locke, we are dedicated to making our customers lives’ easier. We believe that providing excellent customer service means exceeding our customer’s needs and being responsive to their needs. It involves going that extra mile to ensure that our customers are taken care of. And if we cannot provide a service that you need, we believe in pointing you in the direction of someone who can. 

“Customer service is a way of creating a better tomorrow.”

-Jonathan Cruz, Lead Structural Designer at Locke



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