Locke – New Bridge Crane Installation – 100 Ton Capacity

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We recently installed two new 45′ long Proserv bridge cranes, one bridge crane in each of our service departments with 50-ton and 20-ton load capacities. Read below for more.


These overhead bridge cranes were installed to increase our handling capacity, productivity, and give us the ability to lift larger precast concrete structures. Plus, the previously installed cranes along with the new cranes allow us to lift up to 100 tons on a single pick inside our facility.  “We often design and manufacture large structures such as concrete pits, concrete pier caps, precast concrete columns and beams for pipe rack systems, or aircraft loaded concrete manholes with thick wall sections.” says David Espino, Locke’s Operations Manager.  “These structures can easily range from 20 to 100 tons, so having this 100 ton lifting capacity will reduce our manufacturing costs and significantly reduce our overall production lead time.”  There is a misconception that prefabricating concrete structures is only possible with smaller structures.


We are now able to provide larger structures to our customers with shorter lead times.  Espino notes, “The cranes have also allowed us to be more productive on the manufacturing side increasing our bridge crane count up to 6 within our facility allowing us to perform more crane dependent activities simultaneously throughout the day.”  At Locke, we continue to invest in our equipment and facility to keep ourselves ahead of the competition in terms of service and lead time for our concrete products.  Our culture is centered around making life easier for our customer.