Structure ID: Special

Aircraft Rated Manholes

Standard Features:

  • Designed for Aircraft Rated
  • Concrete Compressive Strength of 5,500 PSI at 28 Days
  • Steel Reinforced Precast Concrete (Other Reinforcement Options Available)
  • Thin Wall Knockouts As Needed (shown)
  • Aircraft Rated Cast Iron Frame & Cover (shown)
  • Concrete Slab Top with Manway Access Opening (shown)
  • No Special Lifting Attachments Required- Standard Hooks Only
  • Smooth Corners for Safe Installation & Quality &…It Just Looks Better!

Additional Notes:

  • Blockouts in Lieu of Thin Wall Knockouts
  • Steel Door in Lieu of Cast Iron Frame & Cover
  • Unistrut Cast into Wall for Racking in lieu of Bolt Inserts
  • Terminators Cast into Wall
  • Non-Metallic Racking
  • Plastic Coated Racking
  • HDG Racking
  • Pull Irons
  • 12″ Dia. Plastic Sump
  • 18″ x 18″ Below Floor Sump
  • 24″ x 24″ Below Floor Sump
  • Open Bottom
  • Exposed Rebar
  • Pipe Connection Openings
  • Riser Sections for Additional Height
  • Collars or Grade Rings for Adjustable Height
  • Change the Width, Length, and Height of Trench as Needed
  • Ladder or Steps As Needed

Download Drawings

catalog drawing