Product Spotlight: Kenner Chain Wall – Innovative Precast Concrete Flood Protection

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Kenner Chain Wall offers versatile solutions, catering to a wide range of industries and applications. Whether your project demands an on-grade or elevated solution, or a seismic or non-seismic environment, Kenner Chain Wall is adaptable to meet your requirements. This innovation finds its utility across multiple industries, including energy, petrochemical, telecom, oil and natural gas, transportation, law enforcement, as well as mobile land radio and emergency services.

Flood Protection and Beyond

The applications for these structures are diverse. From robust support for equipment shelters, cabinets, generators, fuel tanks, and various other structures, making it a reliable solution for your foundation needs.

Image sourced from Kenner Chain Wall

Benefits of Kenner Chain Wall System

With multiple applications, these modular and adjustable precast structures offer a variety of benefits:

  • Modular & Reusable
  • Arrives Ready for Immediate Installation
  • Each Unit Installed in Minutes
  • No Field Concrete Pours or Curing Times for Many Installs
  • Lower Cost & Expedites Schedule
  • Foundation & Platform in One
  • On-Grade or Elevated 20+ Ft
  • Seismic Designs Available
  • Reduced Field Labor & Workman’s Comp Risk
  • One Crane Installs Both Chain Wall & Shelter
  • Ideal for Coastal Areas – Can be designed for Saltwater Environments/Corrosion Resistance
  • Manufactured in NPCA Certified Facilities for High Quality
  • North American Availability (Multiple Manuf. Facilities)
  • Environmentally Friendly – Green
  • Ideal for When it’s Too Cold to Pour Concrete


Image sourced from Kenner Chain Wall


Image sourced from Kenner Chain Wall

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